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Gone are the days when I had tons of blogging ideas, and I churned my inconsitent posts every once in a while when I felt like it. After 5 years of bad blogging (2012-2017), my main problem has become the aridity of ideas, in addition to the lack of lustre in churning out mediocre posts. The result? A sort of creative-freeze. I want to produce good content, but good content takes time and energy and creativity. It seems to me that these three no longer want to merge in my life. The woes of a bad blogger. That’s my affliction.

That aside, I have been working to get my site up. The primary intention is to share my photography (Dec 2015 onwards) and to create a readily available portfolio for my prospective client in the event that they ask for one. In simple terms, I am saying I am officially opening my photography business, and my preferred client is you. 🙂


Here is the site :

Make sure to visit!


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