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When I made the last post on this platform, I was nervous because I was sharing something that is personal and that would show the underlying turbulent currents that I have experienced in my life. I also was not sure if people would connect with it. But guess what? The response was amazing. I was overwhelmed with the feedback. I am very grateful for all those who reached out and told me that they could relate to what I had shared – some even told me that it renewed their hope, it made them want to go on facing their realities because they just like me, were at a point where they were doubting their abilities and the credibility of some of the career choices they have made.
As I write this, the post on my becoming a civil engineer is the most read.
For that, I want to say thank you – to all who read, and shared, and commented on this platform and got back to me through Facebook and private messaging.

While my blog readers took hope from the post, what I realized in this week in between is that people connect to posts that bring value to them. For instance, the post on Internet Finds and Conversation Starters has received positive feedback on the second section – the Lifestyle and Finance section. People wrote me and said – they liked the second part (the Finance Section) because they would like to know how to spend their money right, or that they would like to get more resources on how to make money or spend money.

Or when I talk to friends, and we speak about travel, it always seems like something that has been set aside for later, when they have loads and loads of money to travel and live large. Instead, what I know from experience is that you can travel even within your budget. For instance, the entry charges for locals to the Murumbi Art Gallery is 150 KES for locals. The entry charges to most of our national parks and museums for locals does not exceed 500KES.

Also, severally, even when I was not serious about my blogging, some would tell me that they also have the dream/vision to start blog, or do photography or write, and they do not know how to start or they have started and do not know how to proceed or become better at it, and I would send them links that I had found useful to me. And this still happens to date. Two weeks ago someone asked me if I can be of assistance in helping them set up a blog.

And what I am getting from this – from the feedback and from talking to people is what has made me rethink the direction I want this blog to take. People want to know how they can live large and well and contented within their means. People want a message of hope. People want added value when they visit a site/blog and I want to be someone who creates and gives that added value.

When I started blogging again 10 months ago, I said that the focus of my blog will be what my blog readers will enjoy reading or benefit from when reading, and I want to keep my end of the bargain. For that reason, this blog will take a slightly different trajectory. I had wanted to focus on literature and the arts, but I will be sharing more career and finance and lifestyle posts that show how we as young adults can be better with our money, can travel more, can live more deeply and extensively. My innate desire has always been to uplift others and that’s exactly what I hope to do by sharing my life lessons and experiences while sharing and learning with all my blog readers as we go along – living, experimenting and learning.

The whole essence of blogging is to connect with others, and I would be unjust to not listen to what my blog readers have to say. And most of my blog readers are young adults who are working, or about to join the corporate life, who want to travel and read more and work well and wear nice clothes and be happy. So this past week since my last post I have been thinking of how to bring all these things together – my photography side hustle, my travel experiences, my two cents on career and finance, and while I still am working on the road-map to take, I know what direction I want us to go, and I would be delighted if you come with me on this blogging journey!

Thank you for being part of the journey thus far!


  1. Goes to show that sometimes taking big risks does payoff.It's always important to get feedback from people and adjust accordingly based on the data. This new trajectory is bound to be super cool (though be sure to throw in some art and literature pieces every couple of posts ;p).

  2. I think I will have few money posts but detailed as that is not primarily my area of interest and will go on blogging about art & culture and travel as usual.

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