Package one

Service 1

ProofReading and CopyEditing

Do you have an essay or speech you want to be proofread or a piece of transcribed work that requires copy-editing? Well, I know just who come can come to your aid. I started providing proofreading and copy editing services to my workmates, my Italian friends and community when they discovered I am very good in English. Send the work my way and you will be a satisfied client with a squeaky clean piece of English text.

Package two

Service 2

Freelance Writing for Digital Publications

Do you have a blog or a digital publication that requires fresh, informative and well written articles? Or would you like to supplement your print publication with long reads? Well, like the old English proverb says, the proof is in the pudding. I have over 2 years of blog posts in the blog section that you can use to check the quality of my work. If satisfied, contact me and your publication will be green with fresh content as often as you would like.

Package three

Service 3

Photography & Branding Services

Would you like to improve your social profiles by getting crisp portrait photos of yourself(check portfolio) or would you like to start a blog to showcase your creativity/products or polish your resume or CV to give you a better chance at landing an interview? Let me help you become the person you envision yourself to be, the investment will be worth your while, and people will love and appreciate you for it.