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2016 // Clarion Magazine, Issue 19 – 5 poems from Love after Love
2014 // Jude Mutuma’s blog – a poem on his post Live
2012 // Story Zetu – interview, Poems: the half cast, your lover, my own song, these roads we travel


Do you want me to write for you – your blog, website or magazine?
Are you interested in having a writer & photographer market your travel or art & culture establishment?
Or would you like a simple portrait session?

I am available for hire if we are a good fit for each other.

I have done freelance writing since 2013, 2014 for academic research.
I have also written articles for my site, here.

Kenyan wallstreet articles (My photography & words)
Article Four.
To contact me for business inquiries and for article and photography quotations,
write to

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