ode to lovers ii

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true  lovers can sustain their claim at
on mere eye contact – they have to unmask each other 
and undo the invisible boundaries between and inside themselves

dialogue;  to discover the person behind
the smile
that so pulled them like gravity. In the deep of my quiet, my consciousness
sings your name

come to me, in the quiet of your Questions
let your mirrored image bring you to me
even though I do not have the answers

am almost as when I began
though i have lived searching and
asking – a beggar at the feet of life

is so sad how the banal things cling
they never let go, so here in my altar of altars
I offer the sameness of my being

i offer you the sameness of my days of my face
of my hands of my life, perhaps if you are here
things will be different (better?)

– that is what the orbits are humming
that is what the gravity of my iris sings as the world revolves–
the orbits and planets in my eyes are a melancholy song

and give me life


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