Hours Interlude: no romance I

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since i could poem at 14
i wanted to be a lover’s poet

the kind that makes you want to love harder,
love better, love love,

i wanted to swoon lovers and console
spurned ones and be the kind that makes you want –

to live on earth forever.

i wanted to write for you,
and for me, because i thought that was my kind of love

but, i now no longer seek to grasp it
though it may linger within my reach.

i am a love poet alright,
but not that kind,

(fortunately) not that kind –

i am the kind who doesn’t buy into all that;
the things i know, are not for mere lovers

(not for mere lovers at all;
& these things i know are sweeter than raw honey).

sweeter – there is but one Great Lover,
and I call Him Providence

& everyday, He is with me as i walk my mile


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