HOURS I-VII & the 3 interludes

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Hours is a 10 piece poem that has 7 complete pieces and 3 interludes. It deals with the search of identity as a human being and the journey that guides one to self-awareness as an individual through periods of grief, depression, rejection, loss and silence. The whole poem is a melancholic lyric, that is a cry that echoes through even after the healing has taken place at long last, if only to serve as a reminder that the sensitive and scarred places that are logged beneath our skin are beautiful in their own way and very essential.

It was a complete metamorphosis for me as a writer to bring this to life.

– Daisy Moraa, Dec 2016

Hours I

Hours II

Hours III

Hours IV

Hours Interlude: No Romance I

Hours V

Hours Interlude: No Romance II

Hours Interlude: No Romance III

Hours VI

Hours VII

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