Taking Stock 1st Quarter 2019

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The first quarter of 2019 has been eventful and I used it to push myself past my limit.

The year started with the dam project I was working on stalling, and so I had three months without formal work like expected, and so I used that time to focus on developing my freelance business and learning as much as I can.

Some of the things I did in the first quarter of 2019 are


  • Gave a life, work and study skills talk to 340 students at Njenga Karume High School in Molo based on my experience on the path to becoming a graduate engineer. (No Picture unfortunately :-/)
  • Decided to transform my blog to a business


  • Going for an engineering training on soil stabilization where I reconnected with my former classmates and workmates
With former classmates
  • Attending the IEK dinners – both the main one with President’s Dinner at Intercontinental and the IEK Female Chapter at the Panari Hotel, where I met the amazing Rich Allela
IEK Women’s chapter group photo c/o Rich Allela
  • Attending the Serena Art and Photography Exhibition hosted by Liz featuring Rich Allela and Micheal Angelo
Photo with Micheal Angelo and one of the last pieces he worked on with his late father.
  • Winning a Partial scholarship to the Centonomy Campus Edition, a 6 week program on personal finance management which I completed on 30th March, and which allowed me to meet Nancie Mwai (whose work I have admired for 8 years) during the Mentor-ship Session .
With Nancie Mwai and a Centonomy-mate
Phyllis Wanja portrait shoot for her feature interview at khusoko.com
  • Shot and uploaded my first video to YouTube while applying for the Marie Forleo Business School online, which unfortunately I did not get, but I learnt that I enjoy making video. There is an adrenaline rush that comes with it. Watch the video below:


  • Attended and assisted my friend @riko_love_crafts at her Pop Up and Chill stand. Pop Up and Chill is a forum that allows crafters to showcase and sell their merchandise.
Martina of Riko Love Crafts attending to some of her customers.


  • Attended the Ladies in Helmets International Women’s day Picnic Day at Karura and led the discussion on Balance for Better at the workplace. Read the review.
Me, Daisy, leading the #BalanceForBetter discussion at the Ladies in Helmets International Women’s Day Karura Picnic
  • Finally met Sandile Shezi, who has been able to make a fortune from being a financial market mogul in his twenties (we are the same age by the way!)
Sandile Shezi, form South Africa, in a grey suit, who has been able to crack the code to forex trading
  • I quietly turned an year older – because well, I wanted to introspect.
  • Attended the Uniserv Open day to know more about Study opportunities in  the UK.
  • Conducted 1 interview for khusoko.com – interview with the Pesalink Agnes (coming soon)
At the IPSL International House offices with the Pesalink CEO, Ms Agnes
Kindly download the report I linked above in order to understand better the motivations behind us, Africans, migrating.


READING: I only read The Outliers from start to finish and I wrote a review about it. I binge read the 4 Hour Work Week by Time Ferris, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Some of the articles/blogs I liked from the wild wide internet are


In addition to still binge watching Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, I enjoyed these two Instagram Comedy Accounts: Seth Gor and Renny. I also enjoyed Simi – Gone for Good that was discovered by a good friend of mine on YouTube



I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these two stories online

That’s just about a synthesis of my out and about first quarter 2019. What were you up to? What articles did you enjoy reading? What songs did you discover? Do tell.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow! Great work Daisy. Very elaborate and informative. You have highlighted your 1st quarter in a way that can influence other individuals into creating something for themselves from scratch.

    1. Thank you Greg, for your kind words and for reading. I intend to create a downloadable template so that others can do the same with ease and in their own timelines.

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