May 2018. Let your intentions be transparent.

Cut clean like glass.

Calvin Klein One & Lancôme Hypnose — subtle and intimate fragrances that cut clean like glass and stay fresh all day — that I love and use.

Images, May 2018

May 2018. Calvin Klein One

Photos: Molo II

Molo II -January 2018, February 2018. A town stuck in poverty 50+ years since independence & crippled by post election clashes in recent years: 1992, 1998 & 2007/2008. It’s almost as if the town is stuck in a time capsule of its own nature.

ode to lovers i – vii


what brings two people together? – the need to be seen, to be appreciated, to be accepted with all of one’s humanness. 

the act of allowing others into our lives is an act of vulnerability – it allows the other to see our attempt at making our individual aloneness bearable, our efforts at escaping loneliness, our need for community. 

and most times, this coming together requires “work” – communication, honesty, dependence, and sometimes, the work does not bear fruit

these themes of what we have come to call love are what these poems attempt to address in a very simple, straightforward way 

– Daisy Moraa

(written in late 2017, Oct-Dec 2017, the first 3 months when I went to work in Molo  and experienced a lot of social alienation from my family and friends who were/are far away in Nairobi) 

ode to lovers i

ode to lovers ii

ode to lovers iii

ode to lovers iv

ode to lovers v

ode to lovers vi

ode to lovers vii

ode to lovers ii


true  lovers can sustain their claim at
on mere eye contact – they have to unmask each other 
and undo the invisible boundaries between and inside themselves

dialogue;  to discover the person behind
the smile
that so pulled them like gravity. In the deep of my quiet, my consciousness
sings your name

come to me, in the quiet of your Questions
let your mirrored image bring you to me
even though I do not have the answers

am almost as when I began
though i have lived searching and
asking – a beggar at the feet of life

is so sad how the banal things cling
they never let go, so here in my altar of altars
I offer the sameness of my being

i offer you the sameness of my days of my face
of my hands of my life, perhaps if you are here
things will be different (better?)

– that is what the orbits are humming
that is what the gravity of my iris sings as the world revolves–
the orbits and planets in my eyes are a melancholy song

and give me life

ode to lovers i


like moths towards a headlight on a dusty road
we propel towards each other  tragically 
hopeful that the flickers

we have flared in each other are steady gravity
for a luminous life. a soft glance 
(between us) has become ignition

to primal sensitivity. and what with all these titles
we have gathered and labels we have imposed 
on each other  each a  testament 

to the ideals  we so long for and hope
to become — still obscurity lingers
and now, we find ourselves laying still;

mangled bodies on a dusty road
oblivious to the grey sky above, and its gathering clouds
oblivious to the linear planted cypress trees running

by the thousands, on and on, crouching toward darkness
pointed skyward, howling against a cold wind
and a cold moon

ode to lovers vii

I cannot quite recall what life was without you.

without you,

without knowing you,

what would be existence?

ode to lovers vi

every new day is a prolongation
of this need to be filled to the core 
i imagine you to be fulfillment of this thirst

i am yet to meet you, yet to know you,
yet you already fill every space there is to be filled
you are here, even in the air I breathe

your coming shall be a prophecy fulfilled –
the soul already deciphered
what the body is yet to realize

I already know you,
know your being,
and you are my very essence

come meet me now,
come so that my lips can finally say your name
and my eyes can finally see the contours of your face