7 Things to do in and around Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es salaam is more of a transit city. It has always been, even in precolonial times, and even in its hay days at the national city of Tanzania. It was however stripped of its status as the national city, as the glory went to Dodoma. Even so, it is more developed than Dodoma and its hustles with vitality and energy. Most foreigners use it as a passage city to Mt Kilimanjaro and other locations in Tanzania such as the national parks and inland towns.

Taking Stock 1st Quarter 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has been eventful and I used it to push myself past my limit.

The year started with the dam project I was working on stalling, and so I had three months without formal work like expected, and so I used that time to focus on developing my freelance business and learning as much as I can.

Ladies in Helmets: Interview with Founder & IWD #BalanceForBetter Karura Picnic

This past weekend, I had the privilege of leading a discussion on Balance for Better at the Workplace to celebrate the International Women’s Day that was on 9th March 2019.

Ladies in Helmets, a STEM oriented organization whose main aim is to create a platform for young women in the male dominated fields to network and grow together, ran by the 3 ladies above, Winnie, Sue and Stella, organized a picnic for both men and women at Karura on the Saturday, 10th March 2019.

Why I Will Not Work for Free as a Creative Freelancer

And neither should you.

Listen up.

For the #BalanceForBetter International Women’s Day, I would like to share an important business revelation I had with all the creative and freelancers out there who are running their business and wondering why they feel cheated when they get remunerated or how to charge for their services.

Book Review: Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers was my first read of the year. I read it on the bus and at home while lounging. It is a fairly easy read as there are no complex terms or concepts. The book seeks to explore the worlds and environment that generate Outliers. People like Bill Gates had the right circumstances and settings for them to make their world like they have done.

Success is not by chance.

Top 25 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers To Follow

I stumbled upon fashion blogs circa 2012, and the blog I remember vividly stumbling upon was Nancie Mwai’s “The Fashion Notebook.” She used to update regularly, and I would refresh my Opera Mini feeds every week to see what she had posted. I remember I was so surprised when fashion took her to Berlin, and to South Africa, I think, for the launch of a particular model of Samsung.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs for Plus Size Women

When I posted and shared my top 7 Asian fashion blogs, a friend wrote back to me and said “I am not petite ….they are not relate-able hehe. But I will have a look anyway”. And I told her, I will make a post for curvy girls, on the plus size side of life. And I have really enjoyed scouring the internet for some of these blogs to make this list.

Top 7 Asian Fashion Blogs That Are Actually Updated Regularly

I used to be the girl who did not give a hoot about fashion in my teenage years and early twenties. If I wore it, and it fit, that was all that mattered. Until I stumbled upon the world of fashion blogging circa 2013, and my eyes were opened.. and wide.

Nowadays, I enjoy pulling together outfits the night before work or in the morning and I can spend an hour or two playing dress up and enjoying outfit combos during my downtime. All thanks to fashion blogs and the exposure they have given me.

Here are my top 7 blogs run by women of Asian origin, that are still regularly updated even in the current windfall of fashion Instagrammers.